Did you know that the total value
of active projects in GCC has reached to USD 15 Billion with new infrastructure and plant projects?

this report to get insights into:

$152 Bn total value of projects

100+ total number of projects covered

Countries covered: UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

While district cooling has proven to be the most energy-efficient cooling solution, there are several new methods and improvements to decrease its carbon footprint and reduce the usage of potable water, hence boosting sustainability.

The MENA region is witnessing rapid growth in dense cities and communities, raising the number of upcoming district cooling projects, as well as the need for upgrading existing plants with digital transformation and energy retrofits. Furthermore, district cooling operators are in a continuous pursuit to streamline their processes to facilitate efficient growth, profitability, and progress. The district cooling market in the Middle East is projected to reach USD 15 Billion by 2027.

This report outlines the top infrastructure and Plant projects in the GCC region. The report provides a detailed overview of upcoming and ongoing projects with information including projects status, approximate value, completion year and project owners.

The District Cooling Projects Conference Provides an opportunity to connect with the stake holders and decision makers spear heading mega projects that are listed in the attached report.

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